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26 March 2009 @ 11:36 am


yay!!! i wish you all the best takaki kun !!! hehe .. ^^v ..
woaa .. now takaki kun is 19 years old .. I wish his career must grow .. and many shows or movie for him!!^^v .. because his acting in gokusen 3 is really great !!! I love hthe way he act in gokusen 3 .. ^^v .. yay! .. and I hope he would have many solo songs ^^v .. yaykz !!!

ahh .. i just want to greet him a happy birthday!! hehe .. and lets wait until keito's birthday comes !!! haha !!!! .. yeah!!! ..

minna san!!! ki o tsukete !!!
got to go now ^^v ..

ja nya !!~

"minna! daisuki da yo!"

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25 March 2009 @ 10:10 pm

woaa ~ i just DL the springcon photo of ryosuke, yuto, yuuri and ryutaro right now ..
and i just found out many things about the four member of hsj!! haha ~!!
minna ~ look the ff picture ^^v

NOTE: i not own that pictures i just put a name on that pictures because i uploaded that pictures on my photobucket and the use of the tagname their to avoid stealing photo of many people in my photobucket.. ^^v

ahh~!! btw,..

okay .. ^^v ..

yeah !!! that's the picture ~^^v
woaaa .. haha !!!

ryosuke there is really cute!!!i wish i watch their concert because i really wanted to see them in personal!! haha ~!!! yaykz !!! and i really want it when i watched the news that ryosuke said "minna! daisuki da yo!" in their concert !! kyaaa~~~!!!♥ love it !! ahahah
my friend tell me that ryosuke hates his "cheeks" because its "wide" .. haha !! i don't think he must hate his cheeks because its getting wide because he's getting fat~ .. yaykz !! do you think guys its true?? haha!! but i like his chubbiness haha !!! so cute!! and he is o hot ~!! yaykz!!!

ryutaro there is so kawaii~!!!!! haha!! and i think he like making peace sign in many pictures because that's his habit .. yay !!! ^^v .. *kawaii*

yuto there ~!! *kawaii!* yeah!!! super~!!! he's so handsome their!! he must eat that so he become fat~! ^^v so he will be more hotter!! yeah!!! haha

and last ~ .. ^^v

yuuri !!! kyaaa~!!!♥ his voice changed !!! haha .. and i miss his chibi voice .. waaa .. haha! and now his face changed ~!! right??!! ^^v .. he is mature now and no longer chibi looks^^v!!! kyaa~!!! .. i think in that picture he is look like ohno satoshi of arashi??! am i right??!!! waaa ~

haha ~!! i thinks its already long ..
i wanna end this entry now^^v

haha !! .. waa ~
ja!! ^^v

x~[..COMMENT COMMENT!!!..]~x

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24 March 2009 @ 08:37 pm
minna san !!! ^^
konbanwa ~!!! haha !!
(since i post this entry in evening at my country time)
haha !!! ..
i think i watched this video more than 100x ~ haha ..
i wanna share it to all of you ..
this is japanese .. ^^

credits: kazamahagiri

yay !!! hehe ~ watched that video and look in the subtitle .. woaa ~
that song is so meaningful and i think that song is dedicated to HEY SAY JUMP ..
kyaaa ~!! ♥

haha .. waaa ~~ i wanna have the scans picture of myojo in month of april!!!
can someone give it to me??^^
haha !!!
minna !!!!

i wanna end this entry ~
ja nya !!!

(lab it!)

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23 March 2009 @ 12:00 pm
kon! kon!! ^^
minna san ~!!! this is my first post in my journal ..
and before i do this first post i think an interesting topic ^^ ..
woaa ~ hehe .. and i think that the best topic is about ..

yay !! HEY SAY JUMP is really looks cool here ..
but who do you think is more cool ???
-yuto nakajima
-ryosuke yamada
-yuuri chinen
-ryutaro morimoto
-keito okamoto
-kei inoo
-yuya takaki
-hikaru yaotome
-yabu kota
-daiki arioka

yay !!! ..i dont know if its only me, do you think yama chan getting fat??
hehe .. ^^ woaa ~ additional .. ^^v

(update soon)

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